Engineer in Networks & Telecommunications

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Born on April, 24th 1976   

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2000 Engineering Degree in Telecommunication at the Institut Galilée (Paris 13 University)

Specialty : Radiocommunications

1994 BAC

Dominant in maths & physics

English : good level TOEFL: 575 points

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Operating systems : Dos, Windows ( 3.11 to 98, NT ), Unix.

Languages and softwares:

Planification and coverture softwares : Parcell (Telemate), ICS Telecom (ADTI), Atoll (Forsk), Ellipse (Cril Technology), NdT (Telemate), Syradif (Syradel), Asset (Aircom)
C, C++, HTML, Java, SGBD relationnels, NT system computing
Matlab, Photoshop
Frontpage, Dream weaver, Office...

Telecommunications :

Communication with mobiles :
Cellular engineering (GSM/UMTS)

Multiple access : TDMA, CDMA, FDMA
Technologies : GSM, DCS, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS
Hertzian links and satellite communications
Positionning systems : GPS, Argos, Doris

Others :
LAN & WAN networks
TCP/IP, X.25

Projects performed (as a team or alone) :

GSM coverture, planification, hertzians links on Madagascar island with ICS Telecom
Heterodyn radio system
Non-linear equations solving software
Infrared control system
Digital intercom

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Since July, 2000 : T&T Consulting (Company of council in telecommunications)

March / June 2000 : Sagem SA, Enterprise Network Division, activity Hertzians Links of "Le Ponant de Paris" (75015)

Post : Radio Engineer (work experience).
Technical and financial study of various coverture and planning softwares for cellular networks . UMTS transition.
Comparison with services companies to determine the most interesting solution for Sagem SA

July / August 99 : France Télécom, Network Operating Division of Soisy (95)

Post : Local computer and network manager
Training in Unix and NT administration, management of the breackdown service, control of the computer stock

August 98 : France Télécom, Regional Direction of Nanterre (92)

Post : Network technician
Installation, maintenance of computer stock

July / August 95 : NIRA (92000 Nanterre), subsidiary of Ericsson group

Post : Technician
Maintenance, reparation of electronic devices

Summer 94, 96, 97, 98  Country Club Les Pyramides : Lifeguard

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Founder member of AEIG (Association des Elèves Ingénieurs Galilée), in charge of events organization in the student office in 98-99, organizer of the "Forum Entreprise 99".

First-aid worker, driver license

Sports : judo teacher, volley, archery, snowboard.

Lectures : thrillers an S.F., computer and scientific journal, Anglo-Saxon press (Business Week, The New Scientist)

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