Internet Resources on Wireless Technologies

IDRC Study
August 31st 1996
Mike Jensen (

1. ACTS Home Page The Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) Devel Dev elopment of high-risk, advanced communications satellite technology.
2. Advanced Research Projects Agency
3. Advanced Satellite Consulting The home page of Alex da Silva Curiel, independent consultant on mobile satellite communication, and until recently Director of Operations at Inmarsat, the International Mobile Satellite Organisation in London.
4. Aegis Aegis Systems Ltd offers expertise in radio frequency spectrum engineering, including interference analysis, propagation modelling, etc.
5. Aerospace Consulting
6. Air Communications
7. AIRplex Cordless Modems
8. AirTouch Cellular's Data Hut
9. Alice WorldView
10. Allied Access, Inc
11. AMT Home Page The ACTS Mobile Terminal (AMT) is a proof of concept breadboard designed to incorporate the system and subsystem solutions devised to overcome the challenges of Ka-band land mobile.
12. Andrew Satellite Communication Systems A leader in ground segment equipment manufacturing.
13. Apple
15. AstroComPage
16. Atec, Inc
17. Atlantic Communications Enterprises ATLANTIC COMMUNICATIONS Ltd. offers unlimited flexibility in the design of a comprehensive turnkey communications projects.
18. Aurastar Satellite Communications Analysis Software Software Tools & Services for Telecommunications Regulators, Voice and Data Carriers, Broadcasters and Satellite System Operators.
19. Aviator
20. Belcom
21. BellSouth Cellular Corp
22. BellSouth Mobile Data
23. Breeze Wireless Communications
24. British National Space Centre Involved in some mobile satellite communications research.
25. Cable and Wireless Company that owns mobile satellite service providers.
26. Cal Company Profile Manufacturer of mobile satellite communications terminals .
27. Canadian Centre for Marine Communications (CCMC)
28. Canadian Communications Research Centre (CRC) Satcoms page.
Canadian Space News
29. Canadian Wireless Home Page: Wireless Digest
30. Cancom Satellite Service Provider.
31. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) The membership of the association has been expanded to cover all Commercial Mobile Radio Service providers, including cellular, personal communications services, enhanced specialized mobile radio, and mobile satellite services.
32. Cincinnati Microwave
33. CIT Research CIT is a market research company specializing in the international communications industry. Our work principally covers Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.
34. Comms Research Lab for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan Broadband mobile communications section.
35. Communications Standards
36. Comsat Providers of mobile satcom services and systems.
37. ComSym ComSym Limited is a UK registered Consultancy, offering a wide range of satellite communications services to the world's communications and space industries.
38. CTA Space Systems GEMStar (non-profit email satellite) via GEMnet, CTA's little LEO system.
39. CWI Online Communications Week International
40. Cylink AirLink
41. Cylink Corporation
42. Data TeleMark
43. Deutsche Telecom Mobile satellite service provider.
44. Digital
45. DLI Datalink International
46. Electromagnetic Sciences Inc. (ELMG) Electromagnetic Sciences Inc. now includes three subsidiaries that work in wireless data and mobile satcoms systems.
47. ELIRIS Inc Involved in the fields of GPS, GIS, and vehicle tracking. Currently using UHF/VHF packet radio modems - soon to be satellite based.
48. Ericsson Mobile satellite communications equipment manufacturers.
49. ERWIN The objective of the ERWIN exploratory action was to investigate the domain of fixed-to-mobile communications with particular emphasis on ground-to-train communications.
50. ESA
51. etiGATE Provides consulting and systems integration for distance-insensitive and seamless connections between remote sites and home offices.
52. European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
53. European Telecommunications Standards Institute SATELLITE EARTH STATIONS AND SYSTEMS technical committee.
54. Ex Machina, Inc.
55. Federal Communications Commission
56. Ficus
57. Freespace Interbuilding Links
58. FreeWave Technologies
59. French Space Agency (CNES)
60. Frost & Sullivan Home Page We help our clients become more market-focused by providing the critical market measurements and information they need to be proactive in the marketplace.
61. Glenayre Electronics
62. GLENTEL/AIRTEL MSAT service providers for Canada.
63. Globalstar is a low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellite-based digital telecommunications system that will offer wireless.
64. GlobeSat Inc. Home Page Manufacturer of Inmarsat satellite terminals.
65. Gonets
66. Granite
67. GRE America
68. GTE Mobilenet
69. GTE Wireless Data Services
70. Harris
71. Harris Allied Broadcast Equipment
72. HHCA, Inc
74. Hiperlan/Netplan
75. Hughes Electronics Corporation General link to a number of Hughes sites .
76. Hughes Network Systems
77. Hummingbird
78. IBM Mobile
79. ICO Global Communications
80. IEEE Communications Magazine
81. IETF
82. Industry Canada - Emergency Telecommunications
83. Inet, Inc
84. InfoManager Service
85. INFOSAT Telecommunications Canada's wireless communications experts. Infosat provides remote voice, fax, data, and video services using SkyCom, MSAT, DirecPC, VSAT, INMARSAT, and digital radio.
86. InfoWave
89. Inmarsat
90. Intelsat
91. International Rescue Corps (IRC) A unique organisation, and is one of the few non-government funded disaster rescue services in the world registered with the United Nations. Users of mobile satellite communications.
92. International Satellite Integration Services, Inc Telecommunication Consultants specializing in satellite solutions to organizational communications problems worldwide, including mobile applications.
93. iPost Services
94. ITC Home Page ITC - International Telecommunications Center - is the only Internet site devoted exclusively to telecommunications, data communications and networking. Has some mobile satellite communications info.
95. ITR Home Page ITR's mission is to be Australia's premier organisation for world class research and postgraduate studies of the applications of coding, signal processing and systems engineering.
96. ITU Home Page The ITU, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland is an international organization within which governments and the private sector coordinate global Telecom networks and services.
97. KDD Labs KDD owns various mobile satellite stations and systems.
98. KPMG Space & Emerging Technologies Practice This group has almost 10 years of direct experience working with the commercial space industry and all major companies involved in that arena.
99. Kyler Laird
100. Laser Communications
102. Leslie Taylor Associates, Inc A telecommunications legal and consulting firm which specializes in satellite communications, spectrum management, U.S. and international regulation and ITU matters.
103. LinCom Corporation
104. Linux
105. Linux Mobile-IP
106. Los Angeles
107. Lyman Bros . Lyman Brothers is an international satellite telecommunications contracting and consulting firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lyman Brothers specializes in emergency response, disaster recovery and transportable satellite systems for data, voice and video transmission.
108. Lynn-Arthur Associates, Inc
109. Magic Number
110. Magic WAND (Wireless ATM Network Demonstrator)
111. McCaw Cellular
112. Memorial University of Newfoundland
113. Metricom
114. Metricom http://ResComp.Stanford.EDU/~cheshire/Metricom.htm
115. Metricom Canada
116. MIVS
117. Mobidata
119. Mobile Communication Research Research being done at the department of applied electronics. - Lund University, Lund Institute of Technology.
120. Mobile Communications Mobile Communications is produced twice monthly by the X25 Partnership and published by Financial Times Business Information - the same team that puts together Screen Finance.
121. Mobile Communications
122. Mobile Communications Newsletter
123. Mobile Computing Lab
124. Mobile Datacom Corporation Mobile Datacom Corporation provides satellite-based data communication services and systems to mobile platforms, remote, fixed site assets and people on the move.
125. Mobile Office on the Web
126. Mobile Planet Online Catalog
127. Mobile Telesystems, Inc A provider of Satellite Telephones designed to operate under the INMARSAT Satellite system.
128. MobileSat Home Page This link is to the home page for Mobile Satellite Products Corp. They are a division of California Microwave. Manufacturers of the Lynxx portable Inmarsat B satellite terminal.
129. MosquitoNet
130. Motorola
131. MSAT
132. Multipoint
133. NASA
134. NASA New Products Development Group Provided RF analysis and equipment recommendations for 1.5 GHz SATCOM installation in helicopters.
135. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, USA)
136. National Telecommunications and Information Agency
137. Navisoft
138. New Space Network The New Space Network is an information clearinghouse for anyone interested in small and low cost space programs.
139. NewEast Group of Companies In conjunction with IDB Mobile Communications, NewEast Wireless Telecom operates an Inmarsat-C Virtual Earth Station.
140. NOCOM's
141. Nomadic Research Labs
142. Nomadic'96
143. Novacom Home Page Expert and experienced satellite communications systems consulting on business development, implementation, spectrum and regulatory issues, technological advances and engineering analyses/designs.
144. Omnes A joint venture between Schlumberger and Cable & Wireless, was created to provide global communications solutions to the energy business sector - including some mobile comms.
145. On The Move
146. OPTUS Communications Mobile satcoms service provider in Australia.
147. ORA Electronics
149. Pacific Communication
150. Packet Radio
151. PaySatTelecom Satellite Payphone project for Local and World Wide Communication.
152. Pepper & Corazzini L.L.P The law firm specializes in communications, telecommunications, Internet and on-line services law.
153. Phil Karn's, KA9Q
154. Philips homepage
155. Pinpoint Communications Inc
156. Portable Products
157. Principles of Spread Spectrum Communication
158. Proxim
159. Qualcomm
160. QUEST TELECOM INTERNATIONAL Quest Telecom International, an Inmarsat Partnership Company, provides consultation on mobile satcom equipment and services by assisting prospective users and operators planning to purchase Inmarsat A, B, C, and M satellite telephone systems in making their satcom purchase decision and assisting in arranging for service contracts with service providers and Inmarsat satcom commissioning through appropriate Routing Organizations (ROs).
161. RadioMail Corporation
162. Radiometrix
163. Radiosat Test drive the car radio of the future with this on-line simulation. Shows how mobile satellite telecommunications can revolutionize consumer car radios.
164. RAM Mobile Data
165. RAM Mobile Data
166. Remote Satellite Systems International Specializing in Remote Connectivity, systems integration, sales, and engineering support.
167. Ricochet
168. Riza Akturan, Research Page Photogrammetric Mobile Satellite Service Prediction.
169. RoamAbout Wireless-to-Wired Access Point
170. SatCorp Communications Inc Through satellite and radio links, SatCorp equipment connects groups of mobile, or isolated rural, or fixed location users to the information superhighway.
171. SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH CENTRE (SCRC) The charter of the SCRC is to provide highly specialized support in the field of communications technology to Australian industry - some mobile related research described here. (NOTE - This server is a bit slow - but worth the wait).
172. Satellite Communications Systems and Technology Group. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) commissioned a panel of U.S. experts to study the international status of satellite communications systems and technology.
173. Satellite Journal International - SJI
174. Satellite Systems and Technologies
175. Scientific-Atlanta Home Page
176. Seanet
177. Sierra Wireless
178. Signal Processors Ltd Manufacturers of satellite modems and other related equipment.
179. SINTEF DELAB Research - Satellite Systems SINTEF DELAB has long experience in the field of satellite communications and broadcasting. The R&D activity in this area is application oriented aiming to develop new technologies for both high performance and consumer products. Research projects and topics covered include mobile satellite communications.
180. Skysite Communications Corp Skysite is a telephone service provider on the MSAT 1 Satellite. The company will be focused on government and industry customers primarily in the United States.
181. Small Satellites Home Page A number of the new systems are using 'small satellites'.
182. Socket Communications, Inc
183. Sosoft Specialist designers of satellite voice and data multiplexers for permanent, mobile or transportable systems, order wire and talkback codecs.
184. Spectrum - Shuken A global network of satcom system and equipment engineers and marketing professionals.
185. Spectrum Guide
186. SpectrumWare
187. Speedycom International
188. Spread Spectrum Communications
189. Spread Spectrum Research
190. Steinbrecher Corporation
192. TAPR
193. TD Communications Wireless and satellite engineering firm which installs & operates fixed and mobile systems in Northern Canada and worldwide.
194. TDK Systems
195. TECHLOCK DISTRIBUTING Microwave and RF component supplier.
196. TekNow, Inc
197. TELE-Satellite Journal Some mobile satcoms news on occasion.
198. Telecom International Mobile satellite service provider.
199. Telecommunication Laboratory
200. Telecommunications Research Center (TRC) Communications Group
201. Teleconsult Limited
202. Teleglobe Canada http://www.Teleglobe.CA:80/en. Providers of mobile satcom services.
203. Telenor Norwegian Mobile Satellite Service Provider.
204. Telstra Corporation: {Tele}Communications Information Sources A very good list of communications resources, including some mobile satellite stuff.
205. Telular Corporation
206. Tetherless Access Ltd. (TAL)
207. The Ellipso Mobile Communications Satellite System
208. The MCS Group, Inc
209. The Mobile Office Outfitter
210. The Telecommunications Glossary
211. The WAMIS Program The goal of the WAMIS program is to achieve revolutionary improvements in mobile communications technology.
212. The Wireless Dealers
213. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Communications & Telecommunications
214. Transferable European Space Technology The European Space Agency is offering a range of technologies that have been developed by European and Canadian firms while taking part in the European space programmes. Some mobile satcoms technologies.
215. Traveling Software
216. Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
217. UK trials of a fishing vessel tracking system
218. UMASS Wireless
219. Uo-Sat
220. Utilicom LongRanger 2000
221. VE7PSA Home Page
222. VEGA Group PLC Consulting services related to space and satellite comms.
223. Veritas Electronics Ltd. UK UK Suppliers of the WORLDWIDE PHONE Inmarsat-M Satellite Telephone (manufactured by Thrane and Thrane in Denmark).
224. VITA: Volunteers In Technical Assistance
225. Vodafone Web
226. Voice Notepad
227. W.L. PRITCHARD & COMPANY, INC Provides technical, economic, and market analysis for new and established telecommunications ventures.
228. WaveLAN
229. WaveLAN International PC Network Interface Card
Wavelets/Subbands: Fundamentals and Applications Course available.
231. Westinghouse Wireless Solutions
232. Wi-Lan Inc
234. Wireless
235. Wireless and Satellite ISDN
236. Wireless Andrew
237. Wireless Communications
238. Wireless Computing Lab
239. Wireless Information Network Laboratory
240. Wireless LAN Group
241. Wireless LAN Modem Product Directory
242. Wireless Modems
243. Wireless Modems
244. Wireless RF & Satellite ISDN
245. WirelessNOW
246. Worldcomm Systems Company Products.
247. WorldSpace Digital satellite radio for the world.
248. Wynd Communications
249. Xetron Corporation
250. Xircom Road Warrior Central
251. Xtend Micro Products-Notebook
252. Xybernaut Corporation